Galvanized Steel Wire Shapes


We design and manufacture galvanized steel wire shapes with certified quality through meticulous processes that give us optimal results to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have been manufacturing wire shapes of this type for decades, so we are able to provide you with the exact part that you require and deliver it within the agreed delivery time.

In addition, we will create the galvanized steel wire shape you need through a careful and calculated manufacturing process at each stage based on your idea, all by our specialized engineers.

Zinc Coated Steel Wire Parts

Zinc-coated steel wire parts have attributes that make them an effective and affordable solution for applications that must be in environments where rust can be a problem.

For this reason, there are many applications for galvanized steel wire and the shapes that we create are used every day in different kinds of sectors around the world.

The galvanized wire pieces made by our team meet the standards established by law and comply with the most demanding security measures.

What is galvanized wire: benefits of zinc plating

The advantages of galvanized steel wire shapes come from its manufacturing process, immersing it in a bath of molten zinc creates a thin layer of zinc on the outer surface of the wire.

This zinc coating imparts a shiny appearance while protecting against corrosion and oxidation in high humidity environments.

In addition to protecting against corrosion, the zinc layer also acts as a physical barrier that protects the underlying wire form from scratches and premature wear.