Springs and torsion springs

We manufacture all kinds of torsion and double torsion springs:

  • Wire diameter range: from Ø0.2mm to Ø5mm.
  • With any type of steel: carbon steel according to EN 10270-1, stainless steel according to EN 10270-3, zinc-coated, zinc-aluminum, etc.
  • Surface treatments: electrolytic zinc plating (from 24h to 720h without corrosion), organic coatings, phosphating, blueing, cataphoresis.
  • With 100% control of angles and statistical control of efforts, to guarantee the feeling in our clients’ applications.

A torsion spring is a type of spring that works by applying a twisting or twisting force. Torsion springs are commonly used in applications where torsion resistance is needed to rotate or hold a part in place, such as window or door latch mechanisms, door hinges, openers, and doors. closure of covers, and in some applications of suspension in automobiles and motorcycles.

Torsion springs come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and their load-carrying ability depends on factors such as wire diameter, number of turns, and the type of material used.