Long and proven track record of more than 50 years in the market

We supply the sectors

more demanding and competitive

Automotive, electrical, lighting


We are in more than a dozen countries, including

PORTUGAL, GERMANY, ITALY, Mexico, Thailand, Poland and Turkey

Muelles Castellano


Founded in 1966, Muelles Castellano, has a long and successful career, being a leader in the manufacturing of all types of springs, wire forms and strapping parts

We work for the most demanding and competitive sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Lightning
  • Agrarian
  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • Appliance
  • Medical-healthcare
  • Aerospace

Spring manufacturers since 1969

At Muelles Castellano, a company with more than 50 years of experience, we have a complete fleet of machinery in Paiporta (Valencia), as well as the necessary control means to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Thanks to the know-how of our staff and the use of latest-generation software, we can advise you during the design phase, to ensure optimal performance of your product.

Contact us and our sales team will analyse your request and will offer you a competitive and tailored solution to your specific needs. ONLY INDUSTRY AND PROFESSIONALS

  • 80%

    Automotive sector billing

  • +12 countries


  • 50 years

    of experience

  • 20 years working

    in the automotive industry

  • Artificial vision

    zero defect


Compression springs

Torsion springs

Traction springs

Wire forms

Strip band springs

Quality and design


We have ISO 9001 certification, for the spring manufacturing of all kinds.

We are approved suppliers of the leading component manufacturers in the automotive sector.

We have the most advanced control methods in order to meet the most demanding requirements.

Here you can consult our quality policy.


Engineering and design

We have the most advanced means of control, in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Our design department is made up of engineers and technicians with extensive experience.

Likewise, we have state-of-the-art software, which allows us to:

  • Calculate compression, traction and torsion springs.
  • Validate the designs of our clients.
  • Reduce prototyping costs, all through simulations.
  • Optimize the design, to reduce the cost of mass production.

Spring and spring manufacturing can include processes such as cutting, bending, straightening, and tempering steel or similar materials, as well as the design and production of specialized tooling.

Location and contact


Calle Riu Millars 16
Poligono el Barranquet
46940 – Manises (Valencia)


Phone. (+34) 96 166 85 77
Fax .- 96 166 85 79

Office hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.30h – 14h // 15.00h – 17:30h
Friday: 8.30h – 15.00h